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A Shell

door killea

Today I found a shell

it reminded me of you,

the seaside games we played so well

and our last rendezvous.

We danced along the shore that day

in boisterous delight,

and watched the white-capped waves at play

and boats sail out of sight.

We clasped our hands and twirled around

spinning, faster and faster.

The world rejoicing at the sound

the waves, the gulls, our laughter.

The warm Spring sun, a gentle song,

a chorus of ebb and flow,

the playful wind rolled us along,

wet sand between our toes.

We found some shells on that day too

some driftwood and an old penny.

We didn't know the hours were few -

and days - we hadn't any.

Now I hold the shell gently, like the memory,

through sorrow, the happines I see,

and I listen to its melody,

your spirit, like the ocean, is free.


feedback van andere lezers

  • lief
    this is something very deep, as deep as the ocean...

    welcome on this site, maybe you practice dutch while you write such beautiful poems!

    have a lovely day!

    killea: Thank you. Although I read and speak dutch my writing leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe I will give it a try soon.
  • louisaatje
    killea: thank you
  • lin
    This is really beautiful. I can hear the rythm of the sea while reading your poem aloud. Great stuff! Gr, lin
    killea: Thank you, lin.
  • Lazey
    I like this one too!
  • dichtduvel
    I'm always looking for precious treasures on the shores of life myself, grtz, j
  • marrik
    remeber it's not the shell that gives you the memory.
    It was there al along.

    killea: You trying to teach me to suck eggs?
  • stater
    well Killea.. I really enjoy your poem..! about love and the sea.. both my favorite themes for my own poems.. I do hope you to have a thorough command of Dutch as well.. ;-)

    cheerio, Stater
    killea: Unfortunately not Stater, I can read and speak it, but my writing sucks! I will endeavour to better myself in this respect. Appreciate you feedback - thank you. June
  • ozzy
    Being a seaman myself, the sea is my second love. Beautiful
    poem June. I wished that my spirit, as the ocean was free too
    but it isn't.
    Grtz and rgds,
    killea: Don't we all? It will be one day.
  • lucky
    iik zie dat je in het engels dicht. Mijn engels is niet van z'n nivo dat ik hier iets zinnigs over kan zeggen qua opbouw ritme woordgebruik

    dus ik lees het maar gewoon en geniet
    killea: Thank you Lucky. The same goes for me with Dutch. I speak and read it but the writing is not the best.
  • yellow
    very melancholic June,
    waar zijn ze naartoe,
    killea: He is dead.
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