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A Kiss

door killea

Last night I dreamt you kissed me
The sweetest kiss of all
Forbidden, yet….I knew it was
the one I will recall
And in my dream
I was still young, and you were younger too
I felt the pangs of illicit love
And all the tenderness, and knew
Although it will haunt me
as a true memory might
I'd like to think in another life
We'd get our timing right
Last night I dreamt you kissed me
And my heart did skip a beat
At the exquisite moment of
A kiss so very sweet.


feedback van andere lezers

  • lief
    my heart skips a beat.....

    somethings can never be.....

    killea: Thank goodness for dreams...
  • Lazey
    reminds me of someone...
  • dichtduvel
    goose pimps run all over my skin, j
  • aquaangel
    as a lovesong
    killea: Thank you, Angel.
  • chris
    kiss my ,kiss my baby

    leuk chris
    killea: thanks
  • Francis
    Sometimes I ve the same dreams speccialy the younger part
    looks my 1980 poem
    xx Frans
    by the way i ve send you an e mail
    killea: Thanks - appreciate your generous feedback
  • yellow
    lest night I dreamt too,
    lovely too June,
    killea: thank you Marc
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