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door killea

With all the knives I've collected in my back
From colleagues, family and so-called friends
I should be stooped over with my nose to the ground
And if ever my back breaks or bends
under the painful strain
It says nothing about me, but speaks volumes of them
They own the burden of shame
But I will try to carry the weight
Until the day I die
Walking straight..
With my head held high.


feedback van andere lezers

  • Peerke
    ...and if I know how to die
    I would die by the knife... (Cockney Rebel)

    Why do you collect all those knifes in your back?
    Pull them out and stop being a victum,
    you're far too beautiful to be one, is my guess...

    LOL = (Lots Of Love)
    killea: Thank you, Peerke. Some sit too deep to ever be pulled out, but you are right and these days I fight back. It was not always so.
  • dichtduvel
    It's the last straw that breaks the camel's back but holding your head high is excellent for dealing with situations and persons, grtz, j
    killea: Thank you, Dichtduvel.
  • Magdalena
    Met ALLE respect!

    Schitterend dat 'it says nothing about me, but speaks volumes of them'!

    They own the burden of shame... is helaas slechts een wens denk ik

    killea: You're probably right but I have found what goes around comes around quite often.
  • aquaangel
    strong lady ;)
    killea: Yes, I am - but it has been a long road.
  • otiske
    Wow, heel sterk dit werkje, groetjes.
    killea: Thank you Otiske.
  • Klaver4
    As I see it, you've got two solid options:
    either join a freak show and let a blind trainee throw knives at you, or;
    you can offer your front side to them, just to keep your balance and detect at the same time who's throwing which knives at you...;o)
    Nice one!
    killea: Excellent advice! Thank you.

  • maxiem
    it's realistic, somes people putting knives in your back, take new frends who doesn't care knives, greatings maxiem
    killea: Thank you, Maxiem.

  • Francis
    You can start a "Handy men" with all those tools
    Gr Frans ( full of scars too)

    killea: You said it!
  • ozzy
    You know June, some 40 years ago one of my colleagues put a
    knive in my back too and last year I presented him the bill.
    During the night I paid his house a visite with 10 tubes of Loctite
    glue in my pockets. Windows, locks from car and building, I glued
    everything that coud move in not even five minutes.
    Last year there was another guy who framed me and I told to
    one of his friends what happened with the other guy who did it before. You know June that man is not having a good sleep any
    longer, he knows what will happen to him, but he just don't know
    when or will it ever happen at all ?
    That stuff, African people call it Juju, we simply call it Vooddoo is
    one of the best methods to pay people back for what they did
    to you. I know it's dirty but that's the way they deserve it.
    killea: Thanks for the advice, Ozzy.
  • lucky
    Scherp geschreven
    killea: thank you, Lucky

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