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One night stand

door killea

They knew each other slightly
attracted from afar
now there he was
standing at the bar
he looked at her
she didn't look away
she walked toward him
nothing needed to say
they dined and talked
and sipped red wine
she touched his hand
he looked so fine
when he kissed her
she went weak at the knees
at the door of his appartment
he fumbled with his keys
once inside they kissed again
clothes were shed
without restrain
he dimmed the lights
pulled back the cover
she gasped, he thrust -
her passionate lover
it didn't take long
the tension was too high
and after a short while
she touched his thigh
and he touched her too
in all the right places
they kissed and caressed
and stroked each other's faces,
and when they fused
this second time
a slow dance of pleasure
so ultimately sublime
they came together
shamelessly, and then,
he showed her
she could come again
exhausted, she smiled thinking,
isn't it absolutely grand
to be able to have
a one night stand.


feedback van andere lezers

  • Klaver4
    Just had to get back online to fb on this one!
    Very securely put, the essence of the one night stand!
    But do remember the song from The Aloof - One Night Stand...
    The aftermath can present a different view on the matter, as it almost every time does, for the one or the other.
    But I must admit, in its essence, it can has its pureness!
    But people often don't, that's the problem...
    Again, stretching to the hour of the beast...;o)
    killea: Ha ha - thanks Klaver4
  • Aramis
    it might help to ease the strain
    and once done, they do it again ;)

    Nice poem !
    killea: Thank you Aramis.

  • aquaangel
    vraag me af waarom Nederlandse poems strofes
    kennen en in het Engels vaker alles onder elkaar wordt geschreven?

    Nice work
    killea: Hi Angel, thanks. I don't know but will look it up. I like to write like that when it is a fast, and hopefully flowing, lengthy poem.
  • otiske
    Real good, Groetjes.
    killea: Thanks otiske

  • Magdalena
    een volledige film vol passie en fysieke romantiek in één gedicht!
    Laat die twee nu trouwen en drie kinderen krijgen, twee héél succesvolle schrijvers worden en levenslang stralen van geluk???

    killea: Magdalena, thank you!!

  • Francis
    Not really a marathon is it?
    ok ik begrijp t
    Mooi in ieder geval, maar t gegeven niks voor mij
    xxctc Frans ( zeer monogaam)
    killea: Yes, It's just a persiflage!
  • lazey
    very good writing this one!
    killea: Appreciate your feedback, Lazey.
  • lucky
    net als in de film
    killea: Thks
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