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door killea

it's been relatively peaceful for some time
and just as I let down my guard
you come back and drag me down
you drag me down and it is so hard
on the rollercoaster of emotions
the illogical neediness stirred
the longing, and heartache
all rationality blurred
you put the monkey on my shoulder
the trickster, the rotten ape
and my heart weeps for what is not mine
and I suffer your intellectual rape
now there is nothing that will stop
the feelings overflow
a thread so thin, the connection so strong
and all the lights on Go
you don't deal in numbers
you have no sense of shame
and though I bleed internally
you play your dirty game
again and again.


feedback van andere lezers

  • marrik
    Sommige mensen kunnen uren staan kijken
    Maar zullen nooit iets zien
    Zijn goodwill is zonder twijfel
    Jou ter wille, elke keer weer


    killea: This time you have missed the point/the he, goodwill is not the question. read it again and you will see, it was all about me.
    thanks j
  • Francis
    Wake up and smell the coffee and kill that monkey but don't shoot him.
    xx Frans
    killea: I should have called the poem 'passion' but I thought that it would be too obvious. Then again, one can't be obvious enough sometimes. Thanks for the fb, the problem with that monkey, now you see him, now you don't. xx J
  • matahari
    Dumpen die handel, valt niets mee te beginnen, niet nu
    niet dan.

    liefs matahari
    killea: Thanks, matahari

  • Mistaker
    Everybody I know needs some passion
    Some people die and kill for passion
    Nobody admits they need passion
    Some people are scared of passion

    Rod Stewart, Passion)

    killea: Thank you, mistaker
  • backlash
    I'd blurt out "don't let him !", but she who hath never sinned throweth the first stone ... or something like that .... and that for sure wouldn't be me. Been there, seen this, done that and so on and so on. Remember they can only do it "again and again" for just as long as you let them.
    "a thread so thin, the connection so strong" really hits home !

    killea: Thank you for fb
  • otiske
    Great, love this.
    Graag gelezen, groetjes.
    killea: Thanks, otiske

  • Magdalena
    indeed: heartbreaking, suffocating, pleading, screaming passion

    why are we so addicted to the hope that they will stop hurting if we love enough?


    killea: Who knows?

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