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Flashing Lights

door killea

Walking along the darkest path in the woods
wearing black from head to foot
only the occasional flicker of light
from the neck band of my black dog
in the distance, somewhere in the night

I feel comfortable with my dark thoughts
black is the colour of my choice
the night, so dark, the place I want to be
and wish I could merge with the stark black trees
and disappear forever, gone without trace

one more day before the year ends
I feel the vomit rise
when I think of the good cheer
of all the hopeful for a better year
set on a date in a calendar

I stumble over a root or rock
and find myself on my knees
I cannot get up although I freeze
start to pray to a God I once believed
and scream to take me out of the race

I sit down on the ground, lean against a tree
close my eyes as there is nothing to see
swallow another pill to deaden the pain
shivering and going insane
I wait for the shut down of my brain

next thing I feel is a wet lick on my cheek
flashing lights in my face
and then she's jumping on top of me
thinking this is a new game, she forces me up
and leads me back to my place


feedback van andere lezers

  • yellow
    The lick of your dog makes this story a little warm but it takes me really away so much so I put such feelings in a song
    I love very very much cause I Like the darkness of New Wave



    song :


    killea: Thank you so much, Marc
  • jack
    killea: Thank you ever so much, Jack
  • marrik

    killea: Right back at you, babe
  • jan
    it happend to me several times in the past, a bottle Jack and sleeping pills, I hope you didn't write this recently June...

    good times, bad times!

    I hope next year the sun will give you strenght to grow like every flower should...



    killea: I wrote it last night after walking the bloody dog! And yes, I will have a drink on you, my love. Thanks for all the great poetry
    and look forward to more in the new year.

    Catch a kiss at midnight.

  • matahari
    Dierenliefde is conditieloos en spontaan in vertrouwen.
    Gelukkig nieuwjaar gewenst J.

    liefs matahari
    killea: Happy \New Year to you Matahari. and many thank for all your lovely Fb

  • b_engel
    zeer donker en triest
    knap geschreven
    ik wens je vooral warm licht in 2009!
    killea: thank you sweetheart
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