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door killea

Renewal is the essence of the new year
but I schlep everything over the border
a statue I stand, unable to move
cold, inside and out, staring at the disorder
created by my own disappointments
whereas I have everything I need to survive
my child carrying a child of her own
hope reigns supreme, that it will revive
my icy cold stance as if in a trance
and pull me out of the marble so hard
a sculpture, unfinished, trying to feel
a heart beat which will reignite the scarred
soul to a moving, living being of light
and pull the darkness from my surrounds
and take the ghosts of all my sins
to a place where love abounds

And as the sculptor, so dedicated
keeps chipping away at the unfinished figure
carving, and moulding with a chisel so sharp
trying to remove every flaw, it gets more rigor
with numbness, and like a holy figurine
bloody tears begin to flow, slowly at first
barely noticeable, and then in a stream
and people ignorant of the internal thirst
the motionless misery remains unseen
call out with advice, or come to stare
the statue is crying how weird, is it a wonder
they try to assess it, but find nothing there
the sculptor covers the marble so hard
for the audience, he doesn't really care
he wants to finish his work of art

Working all night in the cold studio
alone with the stone and his devotion
committed to finish the work he has started
he is proud and filled with egoistic emotion
and in the dimmed light and the candles
in every corner of the universal room
he steps back to admire the immaculate work
unfinished, he doesn't realise he stopped too soon
the statue stands tall a glorious sight
he drinks to his success, it took so long
tomorrow he would expose it
with pride to the expectant throng
and when he is ready he signs the pedestal
his art a masterpiece, he takes his sharpest knife
and near the left foot he carefully carves
his name in capital letters…..LIFE


feedback van andere lezers

  • eisenik
    reminds me of dylan thomas, don't really see why caus the style is surely different...
    slightly too much on the epic side for me, but you have a way with words

    killea: Thank you eisenik, xxx j
  • yellow
    I give intens fb on this poem as you know,

    de laatste strofe is subliem,
    en het laatste woord maakt dit werk zo sterk af,
    bewondering J.

    killea: Thanks Marc.

  • Magdalena

    En.... hoe mannelijker de man, hoe meer hij zijn vrouw(en) wil bewerken tot zijn meesterwerk(en)...

    héél veel liefs
    killea: Many thanks, sweetheart
  • marrik

    Beleef het leven.

    killea: Thank you M.
  • jan
    big but a beautiful work June

    killea: Thank you so much, Jan always appreciate your FB
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