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A Fairy Tale

door killea

Once a up a time, it started, as most fairy tales do
a lengthy story about a man still caught in his youth
he came, he saw, he conquered but Ceasar he was not
but distraught and needy, with an ego and all full of truth

stupid red riding hood with her basket full of goodies
trusted him, and brought some comfort and gave her very best
not knowing he was actually the wolf in disguise
she did everything she could, she was at his behest

when the story went all wrong, it was of course all her fault,
used and abused, she ran away, threats ringing in her ears,
as in all good fairy tales, she was the dupe and badly brutalised
even the kindness of others, could not still her tears

his version of the fairy tale, even after the story ended
was so distorted and quite wrongly told, his truth so sad
it must be said, for when she thought it was on the mend
he targeted her again, vicious words to make her feel bad.

Fairy tales should always have a happy end
they are written to teach us too
so beware of any wolf who dares to imply
that everything he says is true.



feedback van andere lezers

  • Magdalena
    Ik voel zo'n herkenning +++!
    Ik krijg zelf inspiratie, plus: hier komt de reden waarom ik stokte en stopte tijdens het lezen van jouw verhalen:
    ik blijk niet sterk genoeg om de leugenaar te blijven zien in een man die heel goeie sex geeft...
    goede sex maakt (mij) BLIND, na´ef, goedgelovig en... ik kon de vrouwen niet meer begrijpen die nog in opstand kwamen...

    killea: Hi darling, thank you for FB
  • alie_jankind
    Scherp neergezet, dat beeld van de wolf in schapenvacht.

    killea: Thank you alie,
  • lief
    you got to be kind to be cruel June, I enjoyed the clip!


    killea: Thank you Liefie
  • matahari
    Knap, alhoewel kleine wolfjes hebben iets charmant tot het moment dat hun tanden te bijtgraag worden.

    liefs matahari
    killea: Thank you Matahari
  • yellow
    a little sad but amzing writing,

    killea: thank you, love
  • Mistaker
    I like both the song and the poem.

    Greta xx
    killea: thank you Greta
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