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Victoria is burning

door killea

My home is burning , my country is suffering
temperatures beyond belief in the south
no-one alive can remember such high ongoing heat
and winds blowing the walls of fire forward and on

Whole towns wiped out in days and nights of blaze
people dead in their desperation to save their homes
or caught on inescapable routes out, they waited too long
fire-fighters and army giving their all till exhaustion

No hope for flora or fauna - the State is burning
electricity is out, the city's air-conditioned homes
as hot as ovens, water restrictions because of drought
and in the north floods are ravaging the Queensland

My home is burningÖ. beautiful Victoria the garden State



feedback van andere lezers

  • yellow
    het is daar zo erg, een gebied zo groot als BelgiŽ staat in brand,
    bijna niet voor te stellen, hopelijk komt alles goed,
    er is ook sprake van brandstichting, ik hoop dat die man of vrouw nog goed kan slapen, wetende dat hij of zij zoveel doden op het geweten heeft,
    stilmakend, mooi geschreven,

    killea: thanks Marc. am very worried at moment as I cannot reach my mother, who lives on the edge of the fire areas
  • tessy
    Niet voor te stellen overal om je heen vuur.
    vreselijk gewoon
    killea: Thank you dear Tessy
  • anne
    Very sad killea, indeed! We have a friend who lives in the east, nearby Brisbane. I have to call him, am worried about him. How is your family?? Such a nice country burning, but nature is very strong, so I hope.
    killea: thankyou Anne
  • aquaangel
    ik volg de beelden op tv en moest ook aan jou denken...
    het is vreselijk en dan te bedenken dat het aangestoken zou kunnen zijn... afschuwelijk!!
    killea: thanks
  • lief
    it must be like hell over there, you must feel awful knowing this is happening to your country...

    killea: I am saddened as are all Aussies at the moment. At least I know my family and friends are all safe. Beautiful places have been totally wiped out, cars just exploded from the heat. Hard to look at the pics.
    thanks for reading me
  • Mistaker
    So sad, so cruel...

    Greta xx
    killea: Thank you Greta
  • jamal
    I really hope your state will find the spirit and strength to rebuild a new envirronment, a new home, a new future.... and my dear
    I can understand that the distance most be tuff for you.
    Glad to read that your family is safe and well.

    Take care June.... I feel with alle the Aussies.

    killea: thank you so much Jamal
  • Mephistopheles
    Nature is a cruel beast. But you can stab it with words, and you just did that.
    killea: It is so bad, Bert, some of the most beautiful places have been devastated. Winds today are southerlies still keeping things burning.
    Heading for Healsville but thankfully the fabulous animal sanctuary has already been evacuated. See mail.
    thanks for FB
  • drebddronefish
    Very nice. How would you describe the word ongoing. I don't really know how to interprete the emotional weight of it.

    Actually I'm very curious what you would think about my poem 'The act upon death', since I'm not a native speaker of English...

    killea: Ongoing means continuous non-stopping wind and fire
    thanks you for FB and will check out your poem later.
  • Ivan
    the worst is that there are people who have fun to destroy the nature, love Ivan
    killea: Thank you for your medeleven Ivan
  • lucky
    killea: thanks, Lucky
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