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When Your Child Calls You to Order

door killea

She looks at me and sees a stranger
no longer the mother she once knew
but someone lost in a world of her own
full of pain and ill, and I know it's true

She tells me what she thinks I do wrong
the smart of her words ring in my ears
but I understand that what she says is right
there is nothing I can reply to what she fears

My broken heart, my broken marriage
my broken faith, my longing to be free
addiction to the painkillers, unable to move forward
in the mirror a face, the one she can see

And now I feel I have let her down
she loves me so, and goodwill is her reason
but she cannot help, no one can in this life
and I feel her trepidation that I'll think it is treason

Know this my child, this time will pass
and I'll emerge once more as I have before
from the depths of my heart, in this whole world
there is no one but you, I could ever love more

So give me some time to get back on track
we'll talk it through next time I see you
just let it go and take care of yourself
and leave me be, with what I'm going through

You'll soon find out how much I love you!


feedback van andere lezers

  • jan
    you will succeed June, I wish you strenght to survive

    very well written, straight from a mothers heart!

    killea: Thank you so much, Jan
  • tessy
    Dit raakt me Killea, mooi verwoord waar veel mensen doorheen moeten.

    killea: thank you so much tessy.
  • GoNo2
    Knap verwoord, 'k voel de pijn
    killea: thank you so much, Noel
  • JakobRo
    dit raakt diep
    killea: thank you, Jakobro
  • Mistaker
    So recognizable!

    Greta (daughter only) xx
    killea: Hi Greta, thanks for FB (only one too)
  • yellow
    dieprakend schrijven zoals we van jou gewoon zijn,
    killea: Thank you my sweet
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