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Natural Justice

door killea

What goes around comes around, the player will be played
the liar will be lied to, the betrayer will be betrayed
be patient, there will be no mercy, when you are waylaid
the force of natural justice will hit you with a spade

so count your blessings one by one, and wait your turn
for when you meet hell on earth, watch yourself burn
and those you have crossed, no longer your concern
the inexorable wheel of life, the spokes a palpable churn

as you balance on your tightrope of iniquity remember
to span your safety net, as fall you will, no contender
in the game you played, the cards you dealt with such splendour
beware as you dance on your own grave, life deals with the offender


feedback van andere lezers

  • JakobRo
    very nice poem and natural justice indeed!
    killea: thank you, jakobro
  • alie_jankind
    Voor alles is een tijd, gebruik je tijd wel, dat is wat ik lees in je vers!

    killea: thank you Alie
  • tessy
    Een koekje van eigen deeg krijgen ,of lees ik het verkeerd ?
    killea: Yes Tessy, you are spot on!
  • Mistaker
    You got to reap what you sow...

    Greta xx
    killea: Indeed, Greta
  • yellow
    mistaker doet me denken aan een liedje van sisters of Mercy,
    now, we have to be carefull with what we get, this beautiful earth, but earth always gonna win this game, in fact, it is not a game,
    but a lot of people don't care, I care, hope for example that in the future cars gonna drive on waterstof(don't know the Englisch word)
    nice poem killea,
    killea: thank you Marc
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