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Dark Side

door killea

Cold huge room, decidedly vicious
swallows me up like a morsel delicious
highest ceiling covered in depictions
ghouls, demons and maidens with afflictions
four walls bookcases stand mahogany lumbered
with millions of old wisdom books encumbered
precarious ladders slide along from side to side
fear of heights must be bravely defied

far corner, behind a huge desk laden with books
sits an old lady, sleeping, or so it looks
spectacles sit on her long nose suspended
she opens one eye, get the fright she intended
stammer, I was doing research for a new tale
did she have a copy of The Unholy Grail
with a long bony finger she beckons me near
on the top shelf left side, my precious dear

I step back and look high where she points
will not lose face though jelly in my joints
slowly I ascend the dangerous height
hear something fluttering, see an owl in full flight
don't look down so I didn't see
the old crone on the ladder following me
mad dwarf on the ceiling gives me a wink
time to get back down, stuff the book, I think

step back on the old one's long-fingered hand
she yelps and shouts in a voice full of command
move up, you're nearly there, keep going
instinct screams fatal mistake, knowing
I'm shaking with horror and trepidation
whilst she giggles with malevolent elation
nearly at the top I look at the ceiling and see
smiling grimaces, eyes bulging, looking at me

visages grotesque converging in my direction
I see a familiar face, or is it my reflection
an arm reaches out, grabs me by the throat
then others pull my arms, ladder sways like a boat
a few seconds helplessly in the air I hang
then I'm dragged into the ceiling with a mighty clang
my tormentors are many, where I am forced to abide
a high price to pay for dabbling in the dark side



feedback van andere lezers

  • yellow
    handig als je zo'n boekenrek zou hebben met een verschuifbare ladder aan, het is een mooi verhalend gedicht Killea, ik zou het ook eerder bij verhalen zetten want voor een gedicht vind ik het net iets te lang maar ik vind het wel weer zeer sterk geschreven,
    killea: Marc, if I put it in verhalen, not even you would read it! And, bottom line, it is a poem, for better or worse, long or short. Thanks for FB sweetheart
  • JakobRo
    Love it!!
    killea: Thank you, Jakob
  • GoNo2
    Ik zit hier met een Engels woordenboek online maar 't valt niet mee om alles te vertalen naar het Nederlands.
    killea: sorry Noel, helaas kan ik het ook niet naar Nederlands vertalen
    bedankt voor het FB
  • tessy
    Zeer mooi hoor.
    killea: thank you Tessy
  • drebddronefish
    Very impressive poem, almost build out of nothing with such little data.
    killea: Thank you dddfish
  • jan
    a great poem June!

    love it!

    killea: Thank you very much, Jan
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