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Lord of Misrule

door killea

Hi there you say, and call me friend,
you drive me quite around the bend
you sit there playing with your tail,
smoking a cigar, reading my mail
won't you go and leave me alone,
your dirty tricks cut me to the bone
you laugh because you're taking the piss,
and nonchalant throw me a kiss
then you do a little jig,
pleased with yourself, you filthy pig
go back into to your hell's fire,
for your games I have no desire
you've plagued me far too long
choke on your beguiling song
go find another victim soon
or take a one way trip to the moon
you sit on my little red money box
wish you lost just like elusive sox

ahh my sweetness you flatter me so
if you want anything, just let me know
the day will come when you welcome me
and we'll live in harmony, you'll see

go fuck yourself, you evil spawn
once as an angel you were born
I'll get my scissors and cut off one horn

when you talk dirty it makes me drool
you know you are my favourite fool

then off he went the Lord of Misrule


feedback van andere lezers

  • Magdalena
    grinnik en prachtig

    amaai ik heb ervan genoten!
    killea: Thank you so much Magdalena
  • yellow
    wow, what a powerfull poem but you're seems a little mad,
    love the contrast in this poem in the second part...
    now, I hope it's not about me,

    killea: Thank you Marc, No it is not about you it is about the devil, or do you have horns and a tail????
  • drebddronefish
    Sounds like Ministry. Sometimes the heart of a man fits into the palm of the hand:-)
    killea: Thank you, dddfish
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