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door killea

My love looks like Medusa
every morning what a sight
hair like serpents in the air
what happened over night

I look at her and think, okay
I guess I can live with that
she actually looks like it all day
I think I'll buy her a hat

thank goodness timid children
are not around to see
this vision of imperfection
whose hair tantalises me

when the tendrils move in the wind
the neighbours stop to stare
question who is this wild woman
with the frightfully unruly red hair


feedback van andere lezers

  • miepe
    ik zou je buurvrouw willen zijn, dan is mijn zoontje niet de enige met zulk haar

    en verder... delightfull poem darling swiethart
    killea: I wish you were my neighbour too darlingheart
  • tessy
    Mooi hoor
    killea: Thank you Tessy
  • yellow
    mooi killea, ontroerend,
    killea: Thank you sweetheart
  • eisenik
    nice one he the image! http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/d3/Medusa_by_Carvaggio.jpg/587px-Medusa_by_Carvaggio.jpg

    the wicked thing about the image is that it is not only frightning becaus of the snake-hair (a sign of yealousy and other human failures, usually shown in snake-forms in shadows or auras) but that medusa is also 'frightned' herself, so u get a bit frightend yourself, it's not only an image but also a mirror-image, it both symbolises something and also reflects something. People have called this image the first real visual allegory...

    don't really like this poem on a formal level since it revolvs around the same image without adding much layers...
    always fun to see someone take classical themes to a contemporary situation though...

    killea: Eisenik, in my opinion your supercilious, pompous self-importance is so boring. When you grow up, perhaps you will better understand poetry and look back at your unqualified feedback, always bordering on insult to me, with some regret. If so, then my efforts to answer your feedback this last time, will not have been in vain. In future, read my poetry if you must, or desist, but whatever crap I may write, however it may meet with your disapproval, kindly do not give anymore of your pretentious FB to me. Many thanks, June.
  • jan
    I love wild women with redhair, put her on hold!

    killea: and I want to stop smoking! ha ha
    thanks Jan
  • ppe

    zeer leuk gedicht
    killea: thank you, ppe
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