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Genie and Cane Toad III

door killea

Genie had a bandage on his willy
when I asked him about it, he acted all silly
he wouldn't tell me but I continued to ask
threatening to shake him in his see-through flask
confessing to a piercing, I said you have really gone too far!
he showed it to me, it looked like a crowbar
are you insane, my first reaction
having shocked me he grinned with self-satisfaction
he waved it around with obvious pride
I shook his bottle till he looked cross-eyed
his piercing resounded, nearly cracking the glass
I said, just wait, I'm going to kick your arse

Cane Toad is lying on his back screaming with laughter
I told him to shut up, or it would end in disaster
he gave the thumbs up, to his mate playing dead
I gave him a severe whack on the back of his head
he pulled out his pen, started writing in his diary
saying, you look tho lovely when you thpeak tho fiery
are you drunk you amphibious, creepy leach
what is wrong with your mouth and lisping speech
he poked out his tongue, unrolled it to the end
another shiny crowbar appeared on the last bend
from the corners of his mouth dribbled froggy saliver
ith a pleather inthtrument, my lady Godiver
I grabbed the crowbar and gave it a mean twist
he screamed, man, you are really pithed
between old friendth, whatth a pierthing or two
it wath thuch a painful thing to do
ungrateful woman we did it for you


feedback van andere lezers

  • ppe
    amazing how you can every time let all of it ryhme :)
    killea: Thank you, ppe
  • ivo
    voor zover ik het begrepen had kon ik me krom lachen, al hoewel deze Genie er wel geen reden voor had, zijn Willy zag er niet goed uit

    en de trots van de man offert hij graag voor de verovering van de nacht
    killea: ha ha, many thanks Ivo
  • tessy
    haha erg leuk June
    killea: Glad you enjoy it, Tessy
  • yellow
    a Willy with a piercing?
    good I'm not Gay :)
    (just joking as you know)
    killea: ha ha, thank you Marc
  • Mistaker

    Greta xx
    killea: thnk you Greta
  • jan
    no iron in my dick babe!

    killea: nice to know, darling
  • GoNo2
    Te lang voor mij om me te concentreren!
    En nee, ik ben je nog niet vergeten!
    killea: Thank you, Noel, nice to know
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