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holding on to letting go

door backlash

all I said was plain mysterious
in your schedule of mysteries
and your angle turned from bad to worse
till it was all in a ruin
and you would stay unsatisfied on the ledge
on the bank of sins and wonder
where you met your pretty women
who left you like a faded rose that
just found out it never was a flower

we both recalled soft memories
from a long time back in our tale
when I was at your side as you were by mine
in our sacrosanct battle
and your eyelids moistened,
warm upon my breast, my blouse undone
now raindrops wake you from your restless sleep
and their touch makes you shiver with weariness

I met your women yesternight, they asked me
to embrace you for them
as their lips had burnt in the scorch of
loving other men, and failing
sorry as they are for having
torn you from your world of sadness
then they got lost in the park of tears
that I have left some time ago, while you were still
dreaming in the dust between your sorrows and your joys

come here my love, don't look back on me like a stranger
lay down to rest in my flower house
and kiss my mind forever

now you try to sing your lifesong with a broken voice
you forget the chords with fingers stiffened
in the race of freezing and growing older
my soul has left the moon that struck your darkened room
come here my love, bury your cares in my field of
lonesome visions until one more dawn sets in
while my naked body stops your quiver


feedback van andere lezers

  • killea
    lovely, backlash
    backlash: ... and again, thank you so much. I had a feeling you might appreciate this one !
  • ivo
    de herinnering die wakker wordt en weer gaat liggen met de passie als ondertoon en de melachonie als ritme .. maar waar aanhalen, afstoten en beminnen de sleutels van het de toonladder zijn.
  • yellow
    backlash: En woord dat zoveel zegt, Marc.
    Dank je en x
  • tessy
    stilmakend mooi
    backlash: ... en dat maakt mj stil.
    Dank je tessy
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