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door killea

The night opened the labyrinth
a warren of darkness so black
eyes adjust to the murky shadows
ancient walls silently urge, go back
oozing horror of days gone by
air stagnant, it is warm underground
smell of mould and age undefined
catacomb of death, no souls abound

scar-faced guide ahead with a lantern
why would you want to come down here
your teeth are chattering, and it's not cold
your shivering with sickening fear
stay close, if you get lost in this warren
you won't be found for many a day
and if at all, your mind will be gone
the dead come alive when they smell prey

as deeper we go the skulls racked each side
lined up on top of each other, they sigh
grinning grotesquely, empty eye sockets
stare in the gloom....watch as we pass by
around the next bend a fork in the path
no guide or lamp, just an empty dark space
hear a blood-curdling scream, it is I
as unseen bones touch my face,
a carcass kiss takes my breath, just before I die…


feedback van andere lezers

  • ivo
    in de griezel van de dood wil menig mens vechten met zichzelf als tegenpool, maar in de dood zijn er geen mensen meer, want van stof zijt ge en tot stof keert ge weer .. alleen de geest in de fles houdt zijn gedaante die hij zich heeft opgebouwd in de tijd toen hij in het stof kon wentelen en groeien

    een zeer mooi gedicht June, een beetje griezelig beschreven en daarom ook heel goed gereflecteerd ... mooi mooi mooi
    killea: Thank you so much Ivo
  • JakobRo
    spooky and reflective
    very, very nice poem

    love it!

    killea: Many thanks, Jakob
  • GoNo2
    like it!!
    killea: thank you, Noel
  • Mistaker
    Macabre indeed!

    The ghost of E. A. Poe still walks around.

    Greta xx
    killea: It sure does, Greta
  • jan
    very scary June...

    killea: I'm a very scary person, Jan
  • yellow
    well it's veru beautiful, I don't know if you wanna tell something about yourself, like this is a dream or sometimes feeling so down(mostly when you lay down in bed with open eyes) en such images are moving before your eyes and it feels like you are floating in this story and then you write something like this because you like to keep that atmosphere?

    or maybe I'm just really crazy to give you just such weird feedback

    killea: love your FB, Marc
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