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Macabre II

door killea

Beyond the lamplights through the park
down an alley, damp and dark
come with me children follow me close
to a place of unreason, a caprice so gross
no white lines or other amplifications
will give you such intense sensations
what you are about to go through
will leave you with a cerebral ragout

behind the door they giggle, nervous reaction
then the smell reaches their nostrils, putrefaction
moving forward for a closer look
they see a figure hanging on a butcher's hook
jaw dropped open in a silent scream
retching they vomit in a solid stream
they tremble and whimper one and all
edge their way past along the putrid wall
heading for a passage of faint light
hoping it will lead them back into the night

there he sat in a half circle of fire
licking his lips, eyes glowing with desire
with a long-nailed finger he beckons them nearer
his profound malevolence clearer and clearer
come closer so I can smell your flesh
I crave blood, and young meat, fresh
you decide who will be the very first
to quench my bottomless bloody thirst
they pushed forward the weakest young girl
sacrificing in fear, watching the horror unfurl

he pierced her artery with swift skill
only fifteen seconds it took to fill
his chalice pumped full by her artery's pound
before she collapsed to die on the ground
deep intake of breath he collected her soul
blood had stopped flowing, it had filled a bowl
he drank deep, blood dripping from his lip
he watched with glee as the others began to slip
one laughing, one crying, one screaming profanities
each into their own protective insanities


feedback van andere lezers

  • ivo
    wow the horror of life? in hetgeen ik begrijp met mijn Engels is het een weldadig iets dat vreet diep in de mens ... oeps .. verwarring alom ..
    killea: many thanks, Ivo
  • Zingendevleugel
    geweldig! goed verhaal in dichtvorm knap stuk xxxx
    killea: thank you, Diana
  • Hazen
    killea: many thanks, Hazen
  • jan
    what a bloody poem love!
    killea: my scary side, Jan
  • tessy
    Knap geschreven.
    killea: Many thanks Tessy
  • Mistaker

    Greta xx
    killea: Many thanks, Greta
  • klaver4
    Ol! Where does this come from ? I read projection in this one June.
    Either, or better put, on the one hand the devil on his trone awaiting his prize, and on the other the weakest link...
    For the Jury to decide who is whom hy ;o)!
    Nice but indeed quite macabre!
    Very good to spill it!
    Useful for your following books! (Weren't you going to present me your book hihi?

    killea: You know there is a fine line, Dicky. You are the first on my list as soon as I get the bloody thing in my hands...
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