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Living in the Sky

door killea

Deeply we plunged into the torrent
not knowing where it would lead
coming up for air, gasping with delight
fulfilling each others' need
some opposition to the flow
could not deter such fate
you tremble with anticipation
my arrival you eagerly await
riding high on dark clouds
we now live in the sky
everything else disappears
as in your arms I lie
although a burst of precipitation
may dampen best laid plans
you pull us back into the sun
my joy rests in your hands
our fortune lies not in our pockets
but in how we laugh and cry
our outlook on the rest of the world
from a battlement solid and high
we now live in the sky….


feedback van andere lezers

  • ivo
    hoe moet de eeuwigheid dan niet zijn ...
    killea: Indeed, Ivo
  • jan
    the sky's the limit June,

    killea: up, up and away
  • Liesje
    graag gelezen
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