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Absurd, absurd

door killea

A dream did not let go
a trip into the absurd
a man's head
the body of a bird
flew through the terrace door
straight into the mirror
he fell to the floor
then crawled nearer
he begged for help
with a tearful sigh
he needed a moment
until he could fly
picked him up
a monstrosity so gross
reserved but compassionate
for a while held him close
he was repulsive
put him on the bed
with trepidation
stroked his hideous head
he began to tell of
places he had been
things so strange
never before seen
then stretched his wings
it was nearly dawn
he clawed my face
flew out the door, gone
a little later I awoke
it was only a dream
looked in the mirror
let out a scream
three long scratches
across my cheek
in the bed a long feather
another reason to shriek
to add insult to injury
on the white pillow
he left a message
all gooey, gray and yellow
now everyone I told the tale
just say, absurd, absurd
the silliest nonsense
they ever heard


feedback van andere lezers

  • manono
    Fine story with a mythological ingredient.
    killea: indeed, christine, thank you
  • tessy
    absurd indeed , mooi neergezet.
    killea: thank you tessy love
  • jan
    I never dream about birds June, strange however I like them ver y much!


    killea: me too, darling
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