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door eisenik

in the weekend we are junkies
in the week we pay our dept
for feeding on the apple
that tastes a bit like death

we smile in endless circles
and breath for all we care
we follow lines and cross them
in a moment we call dare

for coming back is staying home
and crying solves it all
when u can't act u have no role
so learn to stand then fall

cause pain sounds fun
and hurt is good
so finger in your wounds
taste your blood
and fight alone
it may be understood

by anyone who feels like caring
anyone who knows
that knowing sucks
and wisdom fucks
the hole between your bones

so come into this joy of heart
and speak the fading voice
of brilliant news and myths long gone
in their own echo noise



feedback van andere lezers

  • kerima_ellouise
    very nice indeed!

  • klaver4
    Jim Morrison on his poarch, reflecting, if he ever would have reached 33... ;o)
  • hettie35
    lovely Poem,
    xx Hettie
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