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door killea

cried for two hours solid today
for all the deal breakers, the songs
the troublemakers
the cheaters of what was due, the takers
and more
when I knocked on her door
she was shocked at what she saw
she'd seen it all before
no questions asked just a warm embrace
in her presence my pain and tears
were no disgrace

sat on the terrace in the warm sun
totally depleted, completely undone
after a while felt at peace, at one
caught a glimpse of myself in the window pane
all golden aglow
shadowed as it was I saw the free spirit again
clearly, the strength and capacity
the breathtaking beauty of the inner me
solitary, bearing all
not ready to take the fall
then a call
from a stranger offering unsolicited help
how astonished and deeply grateful I felt
and later a neighbour introduced himself
we talked awhile, rapport was kind
though I wasn't myself he didn't mind

my tears fell like torrential rain
I will walk tall again


feedback van andere lezers

  • hettie35
    Briljant Killea,
    xx Hettie
    killea: many thanks Hettie
  • tessy
    Je schrijft heel mooi June

    killea: thank you so much Tessy
  • manono
    If one could simply skip those days, but unfortunately one has to go through it.
    killea: if only, christine
  • marrik
    No words this time
    killea: good morning, M what a night it has been. Looked for some southern comfort in the north....now I have a headache
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