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All about you

door killea

all my life I have waited
to be with you
your name was whispered
in my dreams
your hands touched me
when I slept
but when I awoke
you were always gone
yet advancing in your
mystical way
oh how many frogs
have I kissed
to find your sweet lips
how many rings
have I worn
just to adorn the hand
that belongs to you
and when our spirits
clashed like celestial bodies
did not the sparks promise
to light our way forever
your loins pressed
to mine, deep, devine
you let me taste
like a delicious entree
the bonbon of your love
hurdles we jumped
with laughter in our hearts
storms we face
with enormous grace
leaving behind what
had no place
to separate us
and I speak truth
while you bear witness
no greater love
will exist in this reality
where stars rejoice
in this space we fill
with love, lust
and strength of will



feedback van andere lezers

  • manono
    Beautiful lovepoem!
    killea: thanks christine
  • tessy
    killea: thank you Tessy
  • Dora
    Ja, lang verwacht en veel kikkers later...
    mooi, hoopvol ook... het kan altijd nog dus....
    killea: many thanks Dora
  • silvia
    I agree with Manono : such a beautiful lovesong !
    I read it with a lot of pleasure !
    killea: Many thanks Silvia
  • kerima_ellouise
    sorry...I gave you on your last poem'good'...it had to be excellent, but I was too late to click on it...I apologize!

    killea: I appreciate you reading me, points are not the point. Many thanks Kerima Ellouise
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