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The total eclipse

door killea

I wish I were on Easter Island
to witness the total eclipse of the sun
instead I witness the sun rising
bird singing as a choir of one
I wish my heart was the sun
that shone in your uneasy life
and I the moon to cover the strife
we face in this game of love
as love I do with all my sun
and want to be the balm, the only one
but like the total eclipse
I miss your tender lips
kissed by the moon
and gone too soon
it hurts, oh how I fall apart
the total eclipse of my heart



feedback van andere lezers

  • tessy
    prachtig hoe jij de dingen kunt verwoorden June
    killea: many thanks Tessy love
  • Magdalena
    Lieve June,

    De inhoud, without any doubt: magnificent,
    maar voor mij hapert er iets hier en daar

    I wish I were the sun
    shining in your uneasy life
    my closing eyes cover the strife
    I love I do as a passionate gun
    I am the balm, the only one

    I am semi-crazy dear :)
    killea: yes you are sweetheart, but most passionate people are so you are in good company. thanks for great FB
  • Dora
    Lets go crasy all together
    most passionate people are as a passionate gun
    they are the balm, the only ones as one

    killea: you've got the right idea girl
  • manono
    I've never read anything ever so beatifully written with 'eclipse'!
    killea: What a wonderful FB Christine many many thanks
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