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Our only tree (or the description of heat)

door killea

On thick and prickly buffalo grass
in the shade of our only tree
I sit cross-legged with a book in my lap
as still as I can be
I guess it must be forty degrees
nothing moves - not a leaf, and no sounds
except the incessant buzz of insects
busy with their daily rounds
ants follow a trail back and forth
oblivious to the heat
I read my book, turn the pages
my sweat on every sheet
with every searing breath I take
a waft of wilting rose
I close my book and wave away
the fly around my nose
and leaning against our only tree
for a while I close my eyes
drifting in realms of light and heat
emitting drowsy sighs
whilst I know I really should go indoors
my inertia is complete
so I stay put under our only tree
motionless, in the sweltering heat


feedback van andere lezers

  • Dora
    whilst I know I really should go indoors
    because you have to pack and go, < : )))
    killea: No Dora - it is about heat and how it felt when I live in australia.
  • manono
    I can see de heat melting the air. There's also a peculiar silence.

    Beautiful, Killea!
    killea: many thanks Christine
  • jan
    with such an extreme heat it's good to have at least one three, seems to me it is a picture from a long long time ago....

    killea: You understand completely, it was during my childhood/teenage years in Australia - the heat was sometimes unbearable.
  • Hoeselaar
    Beste June, sorry dat ik niet uitgebreidt reageer maar je weet waarom

    Lieve groetjes Willy
    killea: Many thanks Willy
  • Runner
    Ik wil graag reageren naar eer en geweten en lees daarom aandachtig. Ik vind dit moeilijk in een buitenlandse taal.
    Dit gedicht kan ik wel vatten maar als het moeilijker wordt zal ik me van reactie moeten onthouden. Waarvoor begrip s.v.p. (a.u.b.)
    killea: no problem Runner
    thank you
  • marrik
    I'm going down under, and read it again & again.
    Maybe i'm sitting on the other side of the tree, or on a branch above you. Talking to the insects to have fun with you.

    killea: So it was you on the other side of the tree snoring, I thought it was a witchetty grub boring under the bark...
  • jamal
    you wrote it like I was sitting under that tree.... well done!

    killea: thank you Jamal, it is always great when someone can relate to one's poetry
  • tessy
    Ik zat er ook bij June
    killea: terrific, Tessy, I'll soon need crowd control under my only tree.
    thank you love
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