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The last take

door killea

Slipping between the cracks
sick with the pain of being
energy gone the fight almost lost
darkness calls, there is no fleeing

so much given and taken away
humour filled with acidic words
smile cannot hide the smarting eyes
never followed the human herds

leaving reality behind
gripped in hopeless despair
she loses the battle once again
this time she doesn't care

every raindrop a perversion
of her inner turmoil of tears
options forever out of reach
it's not the dark she fears

too late for excuses or revision
bare as the Autumn trees
her soul whimpers for peace
no pills could ever ease

those she loved she loves well
there is no doubt in their hearts
ocean deep calls with sweet song
as the count-down starts

she'd like to give it one more chance
but history tells the story
passion and love's threads no longer hold
the promise of any glory

searching for the moment
darkness seems a long lost friend
recognised and embraced
she moves towards the end

closer and closer she edges forward
on the bough that will bend and break
with a last breath she whispers to the wind
this film ends with the last take


feedback van andere lezers

  • kerima_ellouise
    history tells the story, over and over again...love and life, so difficult when they meet each other...

    heel mooi, leest meeslepend!

    killea: many thanks Kerima Ellouise
  • jan
    cut..superbeatiful June!

    killea: many thanks Jan
  • hettie35
    Ontroerend mooi, knap geschreven.
    Liefs Hettie
    killea: thank you Hettie
  • ydm
    vergeven is zo moeilijk......loslaten nog moeilijker
    mooi en verdrietig gedicht
    xx yvonne
    killea: thank you sweetheart
  • tessy
    de waarheid over het leven leert men pas na jaren, en het te ervaren.
    Mooi gedicht J
    killea: true, true Tessy
  • Dora
    Een doorgaand verhaal,
    het weten en verlangen
    en tot het eind helemaal
    vol waarheden gehangen
    killea: indeed Dora, it is often too hard to handle
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