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The Puzzle

door killea

Laid out the puzzle pieces
a thousand if not more
the corners so sharp
were the easiest of all
softened by the edges
which would hold the core
we work our way through
to find out what's in store
a task which will take days

so many pieces damaged
will never fit at all
like flotsam washed up
along the wilful shore
sections filled with magic
mysterious and rare
with sensuous kisses
endless lovemaking
tender, voluptuous, raw

a picture builds up
with shapes to spare
pieces of words spoken
that have locked a door
a corner for the dead
filled with sadness
heartache, tears, flow
for memories of war
and those that had to go

parts of the picture
full of rows, errors made
keeping full score
of wounds felt deep
in the battered soul
scabs often lifted
to reopen the sore
images taking shape
not expected, cruel reflected

the pieces missing
full of secrets not disclosed
yet the centre piece
I hold in my hand
perfect match to adore
surrounded by stars
of rains that soaked us
endless hot days of fun
love so strong, infinite lore

imperfect puzzle done
incomplete, with promises
the best is still to come


feedback van andere lezers

  • martine
    prachtig dicht
    killea: many thanks Martine
  • jan
    Ik haat puzzelen!
    killea: me too, like to see everything clearly, but life ain't like that
  • Hoeselaar
    Ik ben gek op puzzels

    killea: Thank you Willy
  • ivo
    mooi de hoop voor wat nog komen zal ...
    killea: many thanks Ivo
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