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Blue and Red

door killea

Blue and Red

For the battles that are not ours
the young are enthusiastic, aroused
adventure, in all their thought
not realizing they were sold and bought
by the mighty who cannot get involved
as political correctness would be dissolved
our young elite sent to do the dirty work
none give a thought their duty to shirk
they are fighting for what they were told
is right, honourable, by Generals old
for Queen and country you serve so well
they don't speak about the toll of the bell
if they are lucky and don't return in a box
their records altered, discarded like old socks
and none know how to end their days
but they end in most despairing ways
but what am I writing, no-one wants to hear
we'll go and watch the old ones and cheer
end of the march, on those remembrance days
give thought to the missing elite berets
out there now, heroic, skilled, blue and red
young, honourable, invisible and dead



feedback van andere lezers

  • Wee
    Sad, so sad ...
    killea: thank you Wee
  • hettie35
    Heel aangrijpend June,
    Groetjes Hettie
    killea: many thanks Hettie
  • ivo
    wie graag ten oorlog trekt heeft geen thuis waar iemand die hij graag ziet en op hem wacht. Die zoekt de dood en de eer omdat hetgeen hem treft al lang geen leven meer is.
    killea: thank you for your feedback, but it is more about the secret missions carried out by our elite soldiers for other powers.
  • jan
    money talks and the fruit they buy costs more than they can afford...
    killea: thanks Jan, indeed, see my reply to Ivo's FB
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