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The Wind

door killea

The Wind

Carry me away she cried
to the winds of her pride
take the pain and tears
leave them behind with the fears
let me fly on your airstream
into the arms of a sunbeam
take my face in your hands
tenderly severing the bands
that hold me in the world
where my turmoil unfurled
you sent me love which delighted
until you took it away unrequited
you brought me the storm hard
like words written by the bard
now bring me back to the sea
let me soar in your breeze free
take me away from my agony

blustering wind did listen
showed her sun-beamed water glisten
whispered softly in her ear
it will be alright soon my dear
days like these are part of life
love never comes or goes without strife
patience and in a short while
you will find one who will beguile
I am but a wind governed by the moon
but I promise you reunited with love soon
watch out for the nights I remove shrouds
stars and moon, without the clouds
guiding your nights into days
love will abound in unanticipated waves
and all will be good, revival lies ahead
the past a memory, as you bloom on what's dead

with that the wind left, her sadly still
silence of her inner self, survival her will
she walked then she ran as hard as she could
yet her memories followed as they always would
love filled her with a new look at herself
she saw her own worth, filled with wealth
she passed her days with building up strength
a long way to go, built on a promise at length
she watched the skies every night
knowing that the wind was surely right…


feedback van andere lezers

  • Mistaker
    Whistle down the wind...

    Greta xx
    killea: Thank you Greta
  • Wee
    'Listen to the wind,
    to the wind of my soul ...'

    killea: I'm listening Wee
    thank you
  • Danvoieanne
    Inderdaad een echt kunstwerk
    zet je hier neer xxx
    killea: and then only one point:) just kidding thanks Anne
  • marrik
    Als ik luister naar de wind in mijn hart, hoor ik anders dan mijn dokter.


    killea: thank you so much for the fine FB Marcel, hope to hear from you soon
  • jan
    the answer lies in whispering winds...
    killea: one can only hope, Jan
  • ivo
    zeer mooi stukje realiteit in een mooi vers gekleefd .. knap hoor
    killea: many thanks Ivo
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