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tamen mortuus

door killea

tamen mortuus

Once a baby, for a while a child
docile, obedient, clever and mild
she disappeared with his first touch
the shame and reality was too much
he threatened, abused, tried twice to kill
child already gone, and he had no skill
a coward like all rapists are he tried
blame on departed child, he lied
no-one heard her internal screamed fears
a desert could have flourished with her tears
survivor they call her now still alone
searching, ferocious, like a dog with a bone
hoping one day the pain will abate
and love will ease the incessant hate
not for the abuser who is long dead
but the hatred of herself, the uncut thread
all that came after, and tears still shed

(As I could not find a word in any dictionary or thesaurus which sufficiently describes abuse of sexual, mental or physical nature, I have reached to the Latin tamen mortuus which means 'notwithstanding dead')


feedback van andere lezers

  • ive
    When a young girl never blossems ...
    It hurts!
    killea: it does indeed Ive, thank you
  • martine
    stilletjes gelezen ....
    killea: many thanks Martine
  • Danvoieanne
    Knap onder woorden gebracht,...
    killea: many thanks for reading me Anne
  • jan
    killea: thank you Jan
  • ivo
    hoe erg kan erg zijn als dit op het pad van een mens komt?
    knap geschreven ..
    killea: heel erg Ivo thank you
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