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New sports club

door killea

New sports club

Having earned the right of passage
to be who I want to be
irrespective where I tread
come meet the new me

Esraymssik is my new persona
short Esray will do till I get first band
Sensei says it means each road
begins with one step of the hand

as soon as I can master
the turning wrist lock technique
the 180 degree turn and sankyo
I will start to feel unique

As I reach the black belt
my Sensei tells me he has a friend
whose name is Kama Sutra
who will teach me how to bend

between Kama and Sensei
they teach to fight and play
look forward to my new sports club
which I attend each day

now my body in harmony
will also join the teachings of Usui
rei for my spiritual soul
for my energy levels the chi

come meet the new me


feedback van andere lezers

  • jan
    your spirit seems fit enough to me...
    killea: well thank you kind sir, the next time I have some spirits I will toast to you luv
  • Danvoieanne
    Nice ;-)
    killea: thanks you Anne
  • ivo
    kama sutra de vriend van gevoel hahaha zie maar dat je niet in de kramp komt te liggen met al dat lichaamsgeweld .. hahahaha .. ja mensen kunnen gek doen ... zeker als het met hun lichaam is ..
    killea: crazy is as crazy does, Ivo, and sometimes I feel crazy.....
  • Wee
    Nice to meet the new you!
    (Psst, I heard about another friend,
    Aqua Kama Sutra :))
    killea: she may be your friend but she sure ain't mine! thanks for reading
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