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Land's End

door killea

Land's End

In a blink of an eye gone
swallowed by the snake
which winds its way north
on rails back and forth
and weary legs run
carrying a heart turned to stone
chipped, cracked and porous
wrenching pain, bloody tears
flow internally with the weighty strain
two doors locked to keep inside
a place to hide, the human heap
which cannot weep, no matter
how hard it tries, dry eyes
tomorrow is another day
the search has begun
how much more before the break
of what is left, and must be done
random errors fill the space
silence, cold and bleak
the child will also leave
next week, or soon thereafter
on a plane, to go home
in a blink of an eye gone
the winds will help seek
with one step after the other
the end of relentless time to
land's end, land's endů


feedback van andere lezers

  • jan
    looking for a place to hide...


    killea: many thanks Jan - great song
  • alie_jankind
    een veelheid van beelden trekt voorbij ...
    in rijen zonder einde

    hartelijke groet,
    killea: Yes that is what I wanted Alie
  • Hoeselaar
    In Cornwall voorbij Penzance ligt Land's end tussen Sennen-Cove en Porthcumo echt de moeite waard voor een bezoekje.
    Ken dit door een TV film

    killea: Yes I have been there long time ago... thank you Willy
  • Danvoieanne
    Nice ...
  • Aramis
    I know
    I was there
    I ate fish & chips
    and slept in a House of Horror ...
    killea: are you easily frightened love?
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