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Man's lot

door killea

Where are the plans and dreams
gone with the change of seasons
the flight of the birds north and south
bring changes overnight
the moon and stars still shine bright
hope lives in the souls of the dying
crying the plighted souls of the living
all look for one to love
to be loved is the actual longing
but the fickle heart of man
continuously searching the span
a lifetime of finding something else
better, than what is so close
eyes blind to the overdoses
looking for multiple closeness
substitute for substitutes
for the plans and dreams
continuously renewed
virtual loneliness overrated
debated and pursued forever
while the moon an stars shine bright
for those who find peace in light
the ebb and flow of the seas
rebirth of trees, and desires
and the soul aches for the one
alone, as man lies to himself
believing what he tells
selling his dreams so cheap
his shallow mirror shows no cracks
until he mourns wanting
to back track, too late, too bad
he looks to the expanse of skies
moon and stars shine bright
tears reflect like raindrops
on his face glistening, weeping
and no-one listening
as clouds slowly hide
the vastness of the sadness
same remains the same
over and over again

sun may shine, it never reaches
the souls coldness, which eternally
watches his life as it leaches…


feedback van andere lezers

  • ivo
    how sad is sad?
    killea: thank you Ivo
  • Danvoieanne
    Heel gevoelig triest , xx
    killea: indeed Anne
    thank you
  • jan
    you should be dancing:-)
    killea: yes, I should and I will Jan
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