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Virgo and Aquarius

door killea

Virgo and Aquarius

He so tidy and clear
when he deigns to speak
silent too often about
what he seems to seek

She chaotic or comatose
her words artistic, astute
in knowledge search
causes much dispute

He seriously jokes
secrets crowd his mind
written on his face
so clearly defined

She speaks another tongue
open as a book
sorely underestimated
words often much mistook

He loves with passion
connoisseur of femmes
lovemaking, hard and rough
yet silent when he comes

She loves with passion
beyond his wildest dreams
lovemaking, anywhere
neighbours hear her screams

He has such talent
so edgy, with his writing
misunderstood but loved
then it starts, the fighting

She fights for what is hers
wrote an edgy book and more
their talents not yet amalgamated
aiming for the two door

He is so sweet when in the mood
does all he can to assist
but often gets things wrong
and people want to desist

She is so polite and friendly
everyone any class as it were
stranger, fiend or friend
they all love her

a marriage made in heaven
and often it is hell
but life is never boring
until the death knell



feedback van andere lezers

  • Danvoieanne
    ;-) Leuk deze xx
    killea: thank you Anne
  • ivo
    wat een ode .. een wild feestje ...
    killea: Wild and worrying at times Ivo
  • Hoeselaar
    Dus; als ik het goed gelezen heb een doodgewoon huwelijk, niets nieuws onder de zon maar wel leuk geschreven
    killea: thank you Willy
  • Wee
    killea: thank you Wee
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