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The hands on my clock

door killea

The hands on my clock

The hands on the face
of my clock seem slow
but before I know it
the day is gone, gone
and I know not where
every day challenges
the devil on my shoulder
whispers come to me
wears me down to the bone
alone, I cannot see
the bigger picture painted
just for me, my dreams
have turned into horror
the like I have never seen
separated from my link
to the loving reality
just want to float away
with the tide
in the moonlight
on the open sea

Come with me for a little romance
we'll dance, and eat by candlelight
everyone who sees us will think
there's love in the air tonight
would you miss out on this deal
one evening to safely remember
bringing back the feeling
of total and complete surrender
and in the morning I'll be gone
your life will be a little brighter
a memory made with promise
would make life much lighter
and I will be the change

the hands on my clock
seem slow and lethargic
but before I know it
you will be at my door
to build me up, chase my demons
and love will fill my house
once more, if only for a little while
you give me hope, you gave me
the smile, and I will practice
what you preach, as you take my
my face into your hands
my life into your arms
and we paint a picture
started long ago, so fast and furious
it gives me hope and serenity
and we will fulfil our destiny
with you my love nothing seems
as bad as it is, you heal my dreams….


feedback van andere lezers

  • ivo
    wow killea, wat een gedachte ... waar zit jij tegenwoordig met je geest?
    killea: mijn geest zit naast mij, and we're playing a duet on the piano.
  • Danvoieanne
    Mooi ...xx
    killea: thankyou Anne
  • Ivan
    Love crab you self to getter , it isn't the time what make the fhuter. its alway's the yhand of yu self, youknow how I think abouth that , look at the mirrow, you will be you, and start a new day, love you Ivan
    killea: Thank you Jan for your uplifting Feed back
  • hettie35
    Ademdenemend mooi,
    groetjes Hettie
    killea: many thanks Hettie love
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