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door killea


I am but a caterpillar
eating along my way
loneliness does not bother
nor my hairs in disarray
I know not of my beauty
nor care what people say
as I move with my own
particular technique
black with yellow spots
no-one bothers that I'm unique
I'll eat till I'm filled and build
myself a cosy cocoon
hang around a loner
under the sun and moon
when I feel the need
I'll stretch and slowly go outside
perhaps I'll even breed
who knows if I'll be a bride
but believe me I don't lie
my time is coming soon
when I shall fly, yes I shall fly
making love to my groom
and even if in splendour I catch
a hungry bad bird's eye
let him take me cruel and swift
for with him I still shall fly
and poets will write endlessly
about my wings so soft
whisper of my flight, tremulously
though I am just a bug
like any other
common slug
but I shall fly untill I die
how grand is that...


feedback van andere lezers

  • Danvoieanne
    Heel mooi deze rups....
    killea: thank you very much Anne
  • yellow
    prachtig, tussen de letters door ontpopt zich veel emotie met een sterke afsluiter, ja June, ga je eigen weg en kijk niet teveel naar wat anderen zeggen


    killea: I try to do that Marc, thank you for your fine feedback
  • ivo
    laat je maar niet te veel kisten, elke latje dat er toebijdraagt mag je opbranden ... zeg dat ik het gezegd heb ..
    killea: dearest Ivo, I am so sorry but I do not understand your feedback
    and my translator gives nothing but gobbledegook. Thank you anyway for reading me
  • hettie35
    Je zult een shitterende vlinder zijn.
    Groetjes Hettie
    killea: what a lovely feedback Hettie
  • jan
    a superpoem June!
    killea: thank you so much Jan
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