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A thousand miles

door killea

A thousand miles

A thousand miles apart
unfulfilled desires keep returning
turning the time in spans of art
of obsolete ticking clocks

when I hear your voice
in the waves that reach my soul
the sounds of longing feed
anguish in the language of old

singing in my ears, softly
lover's tunes once heard
in the early hours sung
by the first chirping bird

lying in the huge emptiness
giving thanks for knowing
a thousand miles apart
my love still growing

I do not cry for what is, is
but changes are coming
certainty is aware of this
no tears wear me down

they flow with ease
on my face there is no frown
a piece of my heart left behind
embedded in your crown

a thousand miles apart



feedback van andere lezers

  • marrik
    Is het niet dat in je hoofd alles naast is?Het is pas ver weg als je stopt met denken en herrinneren.
    killea: Yes, it is definitely in my head, all the memories and the good times, then it depends on how one interprets the poem, and who
  • Wee
    Very beautiful.
    killea: thank you Wee
  • Danvoieanne
    Nice ...
    killea: thank you Anne
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