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His side of the bed

door killea

His side of the bed

Slept on his side of the bed
the long, lonely last night
just to catch a wisp of his smell
but missed his gentle stroke
of my silhouette from my shoulder
along my hips to my thigh
turning to each other to kiss
till the passion rises with a sigh
lost in the everlasting dance
that we do so well
when he is so swell
and everything else disappears
all time is lost in our lovemaking
gone are all the nitty-gritty rows
that trouble our day
our nights are made of love
always and ever our way
the fervour and delight
slept on his side of the bed
last night……


feedback van andere lezers

  • lin
    Sfeervol liefdesgedicht dat prachtig rond is geweven, gr lin
    killea: many thanks for your fine feedback Lin
  • Danvoieanne
    Nice xx
    killea: thank you Anne
  • Rudolf
    Jouw dichies zingen altijd
    killea: Many thanks Rudolf
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