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A virtual spring

door yellow

Peppery and scorching, glued to the screen.
People do terraces, wasps makes their ice cream,
and he ... he's sliding indoors..

Indoor Swings, checking for it to scavenge
because he lost real life, but it is virus-safe,
minimum and maximum in the vagueness of his coils.

Outside a white guy pour liquid into his throat,
grinning at his wife under a large umbrella.

Looking at bikini lines in large and small
and sometimes with no pieces but not always flattering.

Outside is a swimming pool looking to some fresh nature,
found to be intoxicated by what is beautiful, like tossing his waves.

He sits down and slides indoors, glued to the screen,
Track and sometimes shocking ... what he sees and what he does.
Overwhelmed by the worldwide web, he feels only one computer-glow.

Theme poem ... June 2011 ...
... Obligatory theme: computer-glow ...


feedback van andere lezers

  • lief
    superbeautiful Yellow!

    yellow: thank You
  • Danvoieanne
    computer-gloed ...
    yellow: prince?
  • killea
    made for guys like him, computer-glow...
    yellow: thank You, today I'm gonna send the Dutch version but especially for You I tried this, love
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