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For the girls...

door killea

For the Girls….

Now let me tell you girls
wordy men are dishonest too
surprised when the truth unfurls
I guess it is something male
ego tripping constantly
relationships doomed to fail

to those who are still sisters
beware of small things
that come hidden in whispers
secret mails, sms's, secret calls
teasing for the virtual pleasure
destroying what was once
your one and only treasure

bitter I am, yes, sad and blue
my tears flow with the river
the pain is unbearable
no apology received, no deliver

though they know there is a tie
cruelty comes with the game
so funny for those playing
for those laughed at it's not the same

and I will cry a river
forever and ever
until the day
I am gone forever


feedback van andere lezers

  • jan
    hope you find back what you just lost....trust me you're not the only one!
    killea: thatnks Jan
  • lief
    I know the feeling June, don't let it get you down!
    killea: I am on the floor darling, on the floor, Lief
    thanks for your understanding feedback
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