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An adult modern fairy tale

door killea

An adult modern fairy tale

There were the twins
two girls to enjoy
but he didn't want them
no time for such joy

then there were the boys
twins too as he did know
neither those were wanted
what can a man like him with two boys

now there are two more
born and bred, a girl and a boy
and their hatred is great
he could not thrill them with a toy

one will kill him
we don't know which yet
the EXCITEMENT is growing
as we all place a bet

I bet on the girl 'cause they, you know
love their daddies over most everything
or hate them for what was let go
the strength of the female, beyond anything

at his funeral some will try to cry
but three happily will purposely smile
as they say goodbye to their unknown daddy
who never knew what hit him from a mile


feedback van andere lezers

  • jan
    heartbreaking poem June
    killea: thank you Jan
  • Danvoieanne
    Pijnlijk zo triestig x
    killea: It's just a fairytale with an unhappy ending
  • Wee
    Painful and sad.
    killea: Yes, indeed it was meant to be
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