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Darkness of sorrow

door killea

Darkness of sorrow

lying, staring at the ceiling
waiting for the light of day
to turn to the evening shadows
so I can walk unseen, invisible
in the darkness of my sorrow

times are changing day by day
for the better, climbing the ladder
step by step, higher and higher
and yet, I feel no comfort
in the darkness of my sorrow

exchanged dreams are unreal
mine are not for sale, but free
like the dinosaurs flying
past my windows, noisy,
in the darkness of my sorrow

hope is the only fluid in my veins
and my heart keeps pumping
holding my soul in its unique space
waiting for a place, where I can stow away
the darkness of my sorrow


feedback van andere lezers

  • Mistaker
    I don't feel the same but I like your poem very much.

    Greta xx
    killea: appreciate your fine feedback Greta
  • Danvoieanne
    killea: thank you Anne
  • jan
    I feel the same....
    killea: Yes, life's a bitch sometimes love
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