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Turning Tables

door killea

Turning Tables

How easy is a now and forever
to be destroyed, crushed by
needs not met with ego strokes
left bare, to a now or never

words meant once so strong
feelings melting in fullness
of the deepest love delivered
not enough, it all went wrong

bits falling off the joy-filled board
set fire to the tears that fall
the turning tables of time
in all the memories we hoard

and the tables turn once again
the games played had been fun
soldiers left a man behind
whose battle was in vain

survival and some super glue
he tried to regain some dignity
some new pictures added
in an effort to renew

the runny glue tears look like dew
horizon not grey but blue
picture a mess to the first glance
a history with turning tables adieu



feedback van andere lezers

  • jan
    I like wooden tables love, until they turn offcourse....
    killea: wood is so precious, mine is round and constantly spinning Jan
  • Hoeselaar
    Dies ist ein Gedicht das mich stutzig macht, es Erzählt soviel unheil und so garnichts schönes, bist du in trauer?

    Wie auch sei einen schônen Sonntag darf ich dir doch Wünschen

    killea: Thank you Willy for your fine feedback
  • Aramis
    all right, all right,
    I'll eat it
    and afterwards
    I'll write a whole poem
    about your cooking .. !
    killea: once you try my cooking....it will be your only theme henceforth
  • Danvoieanne
    Graag gelezen...groetjes
    killea: thank you Anne
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