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The cast of one

door killea

The cast of one

Where do I go from here I asked her
she said one step at a time, keep walking
you've changed so much since when
the first time we were talking

I saw the first brown leaves in my street
and questioned the inconsistent weather
in the park where I strolled for hours
I saw the growth of the new heather

as in anger I reach for the skies
I stumble, fall, hurt and cry
a dog comes to lick my tears
while his master lifts me high

he tells me to watch the paths I take
as life is tricky and full of stumbles
the main thing is to get up again
after each and every tumble

inside I hear a distant rumble
of someone who I once had been
the spirit hasn't changed at all
it is just a shift in the scene

I the director of the film
in rainy days or with sun
I am the star in this production
a movie with the cast of one


feedback van andere lezers

  • Hoeselaar
    So ist das Leben und wir alle stehen vor demselben fenster und schauhen zurück

    killea: Ja so ist es Willy
  • jan
    one day we all sleep alone June:-)
    killea: sooner than one thinks Jan
  • Danvoieanne
    Graag gelezen...xx
    killea: thank you Anne
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