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Coffee or Soon

door killea

Cup of coffee….or..

First need a cup of coffee
look around the room, what's new
thought one day I would live here,
that's funny, really, but true…
should never have planted my dreams
the garden glistens with dews
the window lets in the dawn
the walls still sing the blues
so much sorrow to face
a first cup of coffee or tea will do
a love so huge but not enough grace
how deep indeed is the seed
of the greed or the need
and red roses turn black
while broken hearts still bleed
an old man told me, move on
get off, the ceiling is coming down
I thanked him though I didn't care at all
every day someone is hit by a clown
so I go to the sea in my swishy gown
to where my options are all free
I can stick my head deep in the sand
my arse up high above the ground
or swim, float, dive under or drown
no, not today, instead I'll go to the café
won't order a first cup of coffee
a Tequila Sunrise is what I need, feel it ascend in me
and the sun, we at one for a while
pondering on our options for hours
sun says: time to order a Death in the Afternoon
today there are no solutions at all
but perhaps there will be soon
hang around a little longer friend
perchance you can ride on the moon
real soon girl, real soon, you'll be riding the moon
my drinking partner sank in the sea
but sent her sons Moon followed by Mon Soon
there would be no riding the storm tonight
kindly, they ordered me an Orgasm
which I drank with much delight
wondering what this poem is all about
I'm sure someone will tell me
of that I have no doubt...


feedback van andere lezers

  • Bafbrein
    "every day someone is hit by a clown": eentje om in te lijsten
    killea: Thank you so much Bafbrein
  • Danvoieanne
    Heel mooi....xx
    killea: thank you Anne
  • acronian
    being a coffee addict myself, love it (your work that is :-) )
    killea: thank you accronian
  • jan
    I know that clown, he drinks and he laughs...

    killea: yes, he's everywhere Jan
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