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Living in Lalaland

door killea

In my huge white house
with view of the sea
many strange friends
have come to live with me

nobody happy, nobody sad
popping pills all day,
an inner grin shines through
when they see the med's tray

and how we have fun
we mild, gentle lamas
watching someone escape
in broad daylight and pyjamas

morning visitations
by sour Doctor Emeritus V N
confuses everyone confused
and we're all depressed again

but in the evenings we congregate
in the smokers' room, warm and dry
to chat, joke and have a poke
we laugh so hard until we pee or cry

last night we decided unanimously
we are going to start a band...
as we adumbrated serious reform
la di da da bla bla, living in Lalaland


feedback van andere lezers

  • Danvoieanne
    Graag gelezen, groet
    killea: thank you Anne
  • jan
    very sad poem, wish you all the best, and a quick recovery June:-)

    killea: thanks Jan, but it is a persiflage and was supposed to be funny!
    anyway I am going home Friday.

  • marrik
    ik geef je een "uitstekend , maar ik wil niet denken aan de realiteit.Put your feet back on the ground . Stay with me..........
    killea: Thank you M, yes I will soon
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