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Ode to my daughter

door killea

Ode to my daughter

When I was carrying you
I had no idea what it meant
a love for life, forever true
right from the beginning
this song gave a sickening feeling
and my life was in a turmoil
with what was I dealing
then you were born more dead than alive
I prayed there would be a baby.
a baby girl that would survive
when I saw you for the very
unbelievable first time
I knew that you would be
the love of my life, forever mine

now a woman yourself, a mother
can you understand how deep
a love can be upheld beyond
a man, mother, yet head over heals
for the child you carried
an angel, a devil, a daughter
who wanted to meet you
shot out, broke your water
when you look deep into her eyes
or hear her sobs, for you
and her daddy she cries
so when you listen to this song
you will understand what it meant
it was not for a man and his love
it was for you and wherever you'd go
wherever you went

I love you so much, as you love her
and there will be tears when she may go
pain and misery, and above all love, and
only when she has her own will she know…



feedback van andere lezers

  • andremoortgat
    Warm and tender
    killea: many thanks Andre
  • hettie35
    De liefde straalt er van af, prachtig.
    xxx Hettie
    killea: many thanks Hettie love
  • Rothe
    No words can tell, what I felt, when I read this poem!!!! Congratulations !!!!! Rothe x
    killea: Many thanks Rothe for your fine feedback
  • jan
    I know the feeling although I'm a man!
    killea: Thank you love
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