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door killea


Just when things get clearer
and he gets nearer and nearer
you storm into my curious life
just when he calls me his wife
you upset the barrel, turn the table
now I know not what, but I enable
you to interfere with the flow
so deeply passionate, and I know
somehow it is all totally wrong
then you send me a wild love song
I melt into the words you write
upheaval in the sleepless night
with double standard, my heart beat
cannot surrender, but will retreat
divided, not conquered, you are so bad
you make me happy, yet quite mad
saying your love is as deep as the ocean
perhaps prescribe yourself a potion
I will await this time what will be
how truly, honestly, deep is your sea


feedback van andere lezers

  • andremoortgat
    Vatje vol tegenstrijdigheden toch :
    "you are so bad...
    you make me happy !"
    For sure this sea is deep !
    killea: indeed, thank you Andre
  • Aramis
    Very good Killeaspeare !
    killea: flattery will get you everything, Jan
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