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What comes first?

door killea

What comes first?

What comes first?
the chicken or the egg
old question, granted,
many schools of thought
what comes first?
the pain or the anger
where did it start
the body or the heart
blood drained unrepentant
functional or inoperative
what comes first?
life after death or
death whilst alive
what comes first?
love deep as the ocean
or oceans deep as love
high as the heavens above
what comes first?
marriage or the widow
widow or the vows
fiancé or spouse
what comes first?
philosophy be damned
as you lay down and bled
and I, lie in my empty bed
you are buried, dead
so whatever comes first
I do not give a fuck
no-one will hand me the folded flag
I will not be able to cry and brag
as I fly unbelieving to your grave
a rock on my finger, a carrier bag
what comes first should be
what comes last
it was a blast, unsurpassed
and I will see you anon
only for while my moon, gone…



feedback van andere lezers

  • Danvoieanne
    nice xx
    killea: Thank you Anne
  • Hoeselaar
    Mann kann es ja nicht direct sagen was zuerst kommen muss, aber eins ist sicher wass danach kommt ist bestimmt der naegste anfang

    killea: Ich sehe es nog nicht, aber sicher hast du recht...
    Ich danke dir
  • andremoortgat
    What comes first ?
    For me the vow is sacred !
    Together you can make a good trip
    killea: too late, it was planned for 19 January, no more vows just deep
    despair, Andre
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