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door killea


looking from sidelines in
I've always been outside the box
watching my life unfold
never wore matching socks

waiting for the time to just be
cigarettes and caffeine
fire and water
nothing in between

vodka shots to see
the potential surrounding
compelling my heart
loud rock music sounding

set my heart roaming on
homeless in my house of scars
soul searching in wrong places
at night I watch the stars

looking from sidelines in
I've always been outside the box
letting my tears run free
over all the stumbling blocks

sea is calling so loud
pouring rain makes sense
I will not be hurt again
this life is so intense

droplets on my face,
bear witness to my rain dance
with the devil on my shoulder
life's a game of chance

looking from sidelines in
I've always been outside the box
filling my days with music
five o'clock, on the rocks


feedback van andere lezers

  • andremoortgat
    Outside the box
    take your walking socks
    take the right boots to go
    don't wait for rain or snow
    killea: as always good advice, have just been out and about Andre
  • Aramis
    doorsturen naar The Stones ...
    Jagger & Co maken er een nieuwe Angie van ..
    killea: where will it go from here,
  • Danvoieanne
    on the rocks beautiful....
    killea: many thanks Anne
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